How to Obtain a Serial Code
Follow the steps below to obtain your serial code for the Granblue Special Item Set: Relink Pack.
* If you purchased the PlayStation® digital version of Granblue Fantasy: Relink, the Relink Pack is automatically tied to the PlayStation™Network account you purchased the game from, therefore you won’t receive a voucher code. Please skip directly to step 5.
Sign in to the PlayStation™Network using the PlayStation™Network account you’ll be playing Granblue Fantasy: Relink with.
Open the PlayStation®Store from the Home screen.
Select Redeem Code.
Enter your voucher code.
*Visit the link below for help with redeeming codes.
Start Granblue Fantasy: Relink.
Select Serial Code from the title screen.
* Serial Code can also be selected at any branch of Siero’s Knickknack Shack.
After reviewing the information about how your online ID is handled, select Continue.
Be aware that someone who is able to view your serial code could potentially use it before you can. Once you’re ready to reveal your serial code, select Show Serial Code.
Open your mobile Granblue Fantasy account and enter your serial code on the Serial Codes screen. Your items will be sent to the Crate for you to pick up.
* Please make sure you’re redeeming the Granblue Special Item Set: Relink Pack on the desired Granblue Fantasy account.
* A Granblue Fantasy account is required to claim Granblue Fantasy in-game items.
* Each item can only be redeemed once to a single Granblue Fantasy account.
* A PS4™ or PS5™ connected to the PlayStation™Network is required to receive your items.
* The Granblue Special Item Set: Relink Pack can be used until 6:59 a.m., December 31, 2024 (PT).
* The Granblue Special Item Set: Relink Pack is not included in Steam versions.
* Lost codes will not be reissued.
* The trading, resale, or use of any other means to exchange serial codes with third-party entities, whether conducted in-game or outside the game, is strictly prohibited.
* Serial codes cannot be entered in the iOS version of the Granblue Fantasy app. Please log in to your Granblue Fantasy account using a browser to enter your serial code.
* Contents may change without prior notification.